Food Supplements

Food Supplements

From NaturalFoods we can offer you a wide range of products, from vitamin and mineral powder premixes to more sophisticated ones including branded functional ingredients.

Consumers are more aware than ever about the importance nutrition has in their overall health and well-being. Therefore, they are choosing products and supplements that help them be aligned with their health goals. As for formats, we are seeing how younger generations, millennials and generation Z, prefer F&B fortified products over traditional capsules or pills.

Our Products


Joint Health

Digestive health

Energy & Vitality

Cognitive Health

Cardiovascular health

Naturalfoods Quality Guarantee

We are specialists in the manufacture of Food Supplements. We have extensive experience in the development and formulation of products with a functional focus: Immunity, Digestive, Joint, Eye and Cognitive health. We adapt to the needs of our customers and customize and develop tailor-made products, providing advice on flavours, packaging and labelling.

Main Ingredients




Essential Fatty Acids

Botanical Extracts



Functional Ingredients

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